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Welcome to Solisbury Hill Solutions



Solisbury Hill Solutions is a technology solutions provider located in Portage County, Ohio.  We have more than 15 years experience in helping businesses like yours..


Our community is important to us at Solisbury Hill.  Our executives have volunteered as advisors to the Technology Department of our local board of education and we're proud of our involvement in youth little leagues. 


We welcome the opportunity to volunteer our services to the senior's of our area as we try to repay some of the debts we all owe to the generations that came before us. 


We're here for you at Solisbury Hill, for your technology needs and in your neighborhood.  With Solisbury Hill, things are going to get easier.






       Community Groups

Does your community group or senior group need a speaker for one of your meetings?


Contact us and ask about having one of our technicians or executives volunteer to speak to your not-for-profit group.  We're a wealth of information and we're free!


Click on link and email us, we look forward to hearing from you. 






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